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Featured Project

Ed’s Up

Travel, Lifestyle, Reality
S1: 13 x 30 minutes, S2: 13 x 30 minutesS3: 13 x 30 minutes
YoP: 2006, 2007, 2008

Ed’s Up! with Ed Roberston from the Barenaked Ladies. Ed’s Up! puts Ed Robertson of The Barenaked Ladies through rough, tough “day-in-the-life” experiences with some seriously rugged people.

Robertson challenges his manhood in this jet-fuelled, adventure that takes him far from his life of international rock stardom. Robertson, an avid pilot, comes down to earth to walk a mile in some of the toughest steel-toed boots in the country. But with only a set of GPS coordinates and an adventurous attitude, he has no idea what he’s getting himself into as he flies a Cessna airplane and drops in on unsuspecting people at locations including a tree-planting camp, steel mill, gold mine, commercial fishing boat, oil rig, a CFL practice and many more.