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Featured Project

The Bulloch Family Ranch

Season 1 – 7 x 60 minutes
Season 2 – 8 x 60 minutes

MEET THE BULLOCHS! Rusty is a farrier and a coach for the local high school football team. Julie is a consummate entrepreneur, running a kids’ bouncy castle event business, working as a photographer and selling diet shakes.

Together they are the fun-loving, proud parents of 25 kids, but only two are biological. The rest are teenagers who have come through their door over the years. They have all been dealt a difficult hand in life, from being homeless to gang life. Julie and Rusty welcomed each of them into their central Florida ranch for a LAST SECOND chance at getting back on the right track. Julie and Rusty help guide them into becoming productive, young adults through laughter and love.

The Bullochs are by no means millionaires and their ranch isn’t a palace, but for these teens its safe haven, a place where they find family, structure, discipline, love, respect and direction -and a whole lot of fun -playing paintball, pulling pranks, re-inventing extreme sports in their backyard or just hanging out telling silly stories around the fire.

The Bullochs did not intentionally planned any of this it began one day when a young lady they knew named Jenna needed some help and reached out to them.

Since then, they’ve extended a helping hand again and again.

They open their hearts and home by helping a total of 23 young adults, 3 of their boys landing college football scholarships, and the possibility of one day playing in the NFL.

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